Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You must try the eclairs. Dunbar, Scotland.

There is a family owned bakery in Dunbar called William Smith that I was told has been around for hundreds of years. I was honored to be able to take pictures of it in its last year of existence. I have never tasted cakes so delicious in my life.


Jennifer said...

Being part of the family who own William Smith Bakers in Dunbar we know how hard working every member of staff are and loyal. we are deeply saddened that it has to close because it would have made a great legacy for the young kids in the family who will grow up never experience the great cakes and savouries that are hand baked every day.Dunbar won't be the same without Smith the Bakers.

Jennifer said...

It is our family that own William Smith Bakers in Dunbar and we know first hand what it is like behind the scenes and the bakers that work there are very hard working and it is a shame that it has to close because we feel it is the best bakers ever

Sam Katz said...

Jennifer, I would love to know more historical information about the William Smith Bakery. When did it open? Has the bakery shut down yet?

Al said...
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Al said...

Hi well as you may be aware Smiths did close down not so much for the economics but due to retirement.
I am part of a group now trying to reopen it for the commumity.
We have formed a cooperative and are more or less in the final stages of reopening the bakery as a community owned not for profit traditinal Scottish bakers.
If anyone is wanting more information or would like a slice of the cake,(we need your dough!)then contact me at